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Akil, Huda
Molecular and Integrative Studies of Emotional Brain Circuits
Becker, Jill
The Neuroendocrine and Neurochemical Bases of Sex Differences in Drug Abuse
Burgess, Christian
Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience
Burmeister, Margit
Identification of Genes Involved in Behavior and Neurological and Psychiatric Disorders
Debiec, Jacek
Neurobiology of Emotional Learning, Infant Attachment, Trauma and Resilience
Flagel, Shelly
Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience
Frey, Kirk
Neurochemical Imaging
Goldman, Daniel J.
Retina Regeneration • Optic Nerve Regeneration • Neuromuscular Regeneration
Activity-dependent Control of Muscle Gene Expression
Greden, John F.
Treatment and Prevention of Recurrences of Major Depressive Disorder
Kwan, Kenneth Y.
Development, Evolution, and Dysfunction of Neocortical Circuits
Lopez, Juan F.
Stress, Antidepressants, and the Neurobiology of Depression
Murphy, Geoffrey G.
Neurobiological Substrates of Learning and Memory
Seasholtz, Audrey F.
Regulation of the Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone (CRH) System in Stress, Anxiety and Depression
Sen, Srijan
Identifying Genes and Biomarkers in Stress Response and Depression
Spencer-Segal, Joanna
Neural Circuits that Control Emotional Behaviors and the Stress Response
Sutton, Michael
Molecular Mechanisms that Control the Development, Maintenance and Plasticity of Synapses
Turner, David L.
Molecular Mechanisms that Regulate Neurogenesis in Vertebrates
Uhler, Michael D.
Protein Phosphorylation in the Nervous System
Watson, Stanley J.
Neurobiology of Stress, Mood, Substance Abuse and Mental Illness

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