Funded MiBrain Proposals

On Friday, July 31st, Provost Martha Pollack and Vice President for Research S. Jack Hu announced the winners of the competition for Seed Funding for Innovative Projects in Neuroscience on behalf of Michigan Brain Initiative Working Group (MiBrain Initiative).

Thirty-one MiBrain proposals were received with 74 UM faculty members participating. The proposals were each reviewed by 2-3 members of the UM faculty. Funding decisions were made by an advisory council, with representation from various units across campus. This advisory council, co-chaired by Dr. Jill Becker and Dr. Huda Akil, evaluated the grant proposals and the reviews. This was a difficult task as there were many great ideas, innovative strategies and novel technologies.

The MiBrain advisory council selected 11 highly meritorious proposals for funding at the level of $100,000 for one year, listed alphabetically below:

Proposal Title PIs Departments
A spinal root neural interface for high-density mapping Tim Bruns
John Seymour
Euisik Yoon
Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering, EECS
Novel trans-synaptic tracers and computational tools for labeling and automated reconstructing dense neural circuits at single cell resolution in the mouse brain Dawen Cai
Jason Corso
Cell and Developmental Biology
Carbon microthread array for ultra-high density neurophysiology and electrochemistry Cynthia Chestek
Joshua Berke
Brandon Aragona
Biomedical Engineering, EECS, Neuroscience
Psychology, Biomedical Engineering
Psychology, Neuroscience
Metabolites, chromatin and neuroplasticity: the role of the food environment in reshaping feeding behavior Monica Dus
Peter Freddolino
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Biological Chemistry
A novel electroencephalography system that is free from motion artifacts Daniel Ferris
Euisik Yoon
Kinesiology, Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering, EECS
Non-invasive transcranial brain stimulation using ultrasound and magnetic fields Luis Garcia-Hernandez
Charles Cain
David Sept
Douglas Noll
MRI Facility, Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering, EECS
Biomedical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering, Radiology
Novel technologies to study the circuit dependent neuronal subcellulome Kenneth Kwan
Jun Li
MBNI, Human Genetics
Human Genetics, CCMB
Chromatin analysis of neural circuits Geoff Murphy
Robert Thompson
Michael Uhler
MBNI, Molecular and Integrative Physiology
MBNI, Biological Chemistry
Multisensory integration and reweighting dynamics Rachael Seidler
Kathleen Sienko
Psychology, Kinesiology
Mechanical Engineering
Characterizing multimodal biomarkers of seizure initiation William Stacey
Robert Kennedy
Neurology, Biomedical Engineering
Chemistry, Pharmacology
Impact of neuronal plasticity on network activity and function Michael Sutton
Michal Zochowski
Edward Stuenkel
MBNI, Molecular and Integrative Physiology
Physics, Biophysics
Molecular and Integrative Physiology